Designing in Success

Success is different for every person. For the CFO it’s being able to cover the earnings report with confidence while managing the competitive questions from analysts. For the CEO it’s unveiling a product live without a hitch in front of an audience of four thousand while a million more watch on-line. For the executive wanting a top position at her company, it’s being able to show she’s got the presence, savvy, and communications skills to earn the corner office.

These are clients of Dina’s who have been successful after working with Dina and setting clear, measurable goals. Monitoring and measurability are at the heart of how Dina approaches communications training. Your goals and needs must be fully articulated to set the course for program design and delivery. This ensures you get exactly what you want from your training experience: lasting results.

No matter your project, you'll set clearly defined expectations—and not just for the project as a whole but for individual training or coaching sessions as well.