Dina's Experience

Dina has been where you are. She's been in the hot seat and she's been the one doing the grilling. Eighteen years of experience as a television news anchor and reporter and fourteen years working with Fortune 500 companies and high-profile individuals as a strategic communications consultant and media trainer. Dina’s depth of knowledge and expertise means clients who work with her not only understand the unique needs of the media but how to grow greater communications skills that transcend the media landscape and are needed every day, not just when reporters come calling.  Dina earned her media stripes early in college by shooting and editing her own news stories to moving to different parts of the United States producing and reporting national award winning documentaries and news stories to anchoring top-rated news programs covering a range of stories from presidential candidates to natural disasters and everything in between. She knows first-hand how the media operates and most importantly how to help others be successful when communication matters most.

Dina also worked as the Director of Communications for a struggling biotechnology startup company where she managed media relationships and investor relations and she was the senior manager of communications training at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. 

Dina’s combination of communications expertise translates into powerful knowledge and benefits for clients of all skills levels.