Scenario-based Training

Dina specializes in training scenarios that replicate the environment in which you need to succeed. Whether the problem involves launching a product, winning a big client, or increasing sales, scenario-training teaches you to solve problems and get results.

For example, Dina worked with the founder of a start-up venture and his team before they pitched for a second round of investment capital. The training was specifically designed to bring the problem to life by giving the executives everything they needed to enter the roadshow with focus, strategy, and the communication skills to match.

In another case, a team of financial advisors needed to capture a highly specialized group of clients before a tradeshow. Dina worked with the team to engage effectively and with confidence---capturing this core audience.

The trouble with most communication training is that it doesn't translate well to performance on-the-job. The reason is that most trainers try to reduce stress and threat in training. It makes the training seem easier and more comfortable but it's far less effective.

You know that you'll have to speak in stressful situations. What you may not know is that under stress, your nervous system actually narrows your perception – it restricts your ability to perceive and focus. If you don't learn communications skills under realistic stress you won't be able to use them when your perceptions narrow.

Dina has developed a unique process for building your skill and confidence at the same time that she ramps up stress. She draws on years of experience as a reporter and anchor to accurately recreate the "hot seat" in your training session. So you are continually challenged just beyond your skill level. The result is that you rapidly develop skills that are usable and effective in real life.