Presentation Skills Training

Do you look forward to public speaking? Most people answer ‘no’ to this question. But have you ever wondered why that is and where that comes from? Dina will show you how to dig beneath your discomfort and learn how to connect, persuade and succeed.

Most presentations follow ineffective formats. They focus on what the speaker wants to say, not on what the audience needs to hear. In a bid to avoid embarrassment, many speakers make themselves rigid, stifling the very thing that sets them apart from every other speaker---their personality. As a result, audience attention wanders, they miss your point, or they are left unimpressed.

Dina observes your personal communications style and customizes training to help you connect with your audience. She'll help your broaden your comfort zone to bring out your natural charisma. As a result, your speeches and presentations will be more memorable, your words more persuasive, and your delivery more powerful.