What Clients Say

  • Dr. Bruce Innis, Vice-President and Director, Clinical R&D and Medical Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline

    “I never had such a valuable session – 5 stars.”

  • Stephen Cirona, Vice-President of Design & Development, Eddie Bauer, 2004-2008

    “Dina's expertise and positive coaching style enabled me to harness a complex presentation for a multi-city press tour. I was well prepared and hit the road full of confidence. I would highly recommend Dina's training support to any and every executive wanting to excel in communications.”

  • Erica Wiley, Associate Director, Business Management, United Way of King County

    “Our group comes with various levels of career experience and diversity of professional backgrounds. Yet Dina was able to deliver a great session where everyone walked away with concrete, meaningful tools to improve their presentation and communication skills. Through her approachable and relatable style, Dina was able to take some of the public speaking anxiety out of making presentations by sharing simple tips and appropriate feedback. We look forward to working with her in the future!”

  • Liz Strathy, Global Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

    “WOW what a great program you took us through. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to learn all your awesome strategies. I know they will not only help me be successful in (at the conference) but will use them on a daily basis. “

  • Ed McCahill, Marketing Manager, Microsoft

    “Our entire team was extremely impressed by your obvious talents in both communications and teaching. All of our attendees pulled me aside privately to make sure I understood just how much they enjoyed the training and how much better prepared they felt afterwards. As you know by now, the launch was very successful. I hope you feel a sense of pride in knowing that you played a very strategic role in helping us to look our best.”

  • Blair Fillingham, Snr. PR manager, WW BMO, Microsoft

    “She was not only a great partner to me, but such a brilliant facilitator that she quickly established a strong partnership with each and every trainee. Most trainees complemented me after the training for bringing in such a talented and savvy media trainer, and some trainees went as far saying this course was the best training they have ever done.

    In particular, I appreciated Dina’s ability to get her head around the nuanced content that was used in the training. She was able to give many of the subject matter experts a wake-up call by asking unique questions in the mock-interviews. Her ability to build rapport with each trainee, and gain their trust, went a long way in demonstrating that no matter how ‘nice’ your interviewer is, there is always an agenda and there will always be surprising questions.

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Dina. In ten years of doing technology PR, I have not had the privilege of working with such a talented and polished spokesperson trainer before.”